11/19 10:10pm Today was good. What would seem an insignificant event back home, becomes a monumental success in N’d. We were


11/19 It’s not easy typing on these French keyboard! It’s all moved around…or ours is :) Today is Saturday, and we

Friday in N’d

11/18 Hello everyone! We will have to enjoy life in N’djamena a little longer, at least through Monday. The satellite phone

More on N’djamena

11/18 We got to drive around town today, making it through traffic, which in size is not anything close to LA,


It feels just a bit unreal to be sitting here in N’djamena, Chad. The hotel is next to a dark water

i ACT: Our Plan

Chris and I have been talking about he 21 days and the stories we want to capture and share. This is


I still have more posts to enter, that I’ve written along the way, but I just wanted to thank all of