It’s not easy typing on these French keyboard! It’s all moved around…or ours is :)

Today is Saturday, and we are hoping to get all the tech kinks out of our system.

We would like to see a little more around N’d, so we’ll see if we can get transportation for that. Right now, a neighbor gave us a lift to this internet place. It is a small city, but we are told that it is best not to walk around.

It has been so great to see all of your comments. Guess what…yesterday I found my first diet coke since getting here! It came from Egypt, and I got to enjoy it at a little restaurant where I also had a poule (chicken) sandwhich. How do you like my French?

Man…it’s difficult to type on this!

A big hug to all. Zahara, Mimi, Gabito (y tu Irais tambien) los extrano mucho y pienso mucho en ustedes. Veo su foto a cada rato. Un beso.


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We are all eager to see your first video from N’djamena to better understand your introduction to Chad and your journey to the camps. While you are in Chad, President Bush is in China this weekend and we hope he will seize this opportunity to insist that China should “take more than oil from Sudan – it should take some responsibility for resolving Sudan’s human crisis.” (Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick)
Be safe, and see you online soon! Pam

Hi Gabriel,

I’m so glad you got your diet coke!

I can’t wait to see your first video and it’s a great idea to first give us a visual of N’djamena and the people who live in Chad. We had an idea that you would probably have to be patient and play it by ear.




I’m very excited and I’m looking foward to seeing the first video from N’djamena.Good luck my best wishes and prayers go to you.

Stephanie Valladares
(Student Task forse. Pali high)

Hi Gabe,
I’m glad you’re keeping safe and have people around you that are advising you and assisting you. It’s great to hear from you again.
It seems you have a captivated audience. I find myself checking periodically to see if you’ve posted more. First to know that you’re OK and second because your blogs read like the first chapter of a fascinating book and we’re all anxious to read the next page. We’ll have to think of a great title for it and get it on a “Bestseller” list. I’m sure readers would think they’re reading a great novel only to learn that it’s a cruel reality that’s happening in this world. Looking forward to your next words. We’re thinking of you. Take care. Teresa


I look forward to seeing the first video from N’djamena. I hope that everything works out as planned and that you are safe out there. Good Luck! Hope to hear more about whats going on soon!

(Pali High STF)

hey gabe,
i hope all is well with u
ill make the assumption that your really busy(i think im right)
and i cant wait to see the video from N’djamena
not that u dont paint a beautiful picture with your words but the video would help
be safe take care

Hi Gabriel, very glad to hear that so far things are going well. Can’t wait to see the video, it is all very exciting. Stock up on the diet coke, keep safe, and remember how much support you have. You are amazing.

Vikki Gonzalez(Mount St. Mary’s College)

Hola Amigo!
So sorry I missed you in the Atlanta airport. If you stop there on the way back let me know and I will bring you all the diet Cokes you can handle (Atlanta being the home of Coca-Cola, and diet Cokes being my beverage of choice. I drink one now in your honor.)

It is so inspiring to read about your journey. You have done so much since we first met! I can’t wait to see the video.

Please let the people you meet know that there are folks on the other side of the world who work to bring them peace.

Un abrazo y un rezo para la paz de su amigo, Cynthia

Hi Gabriel,

I just wanted to let you know that I think it is very brave and kind of you to take action and do what your doing. Know that we are here for you and that you are in our prayers. I am looking forward to watching your first video from N’djamena. Take care,

Leila Bidad
(Pali High student)

P.S. Im glad you enjoyed the diet coke!:)

Hi Gabriel,
It’s Alyson from the Palisadian-Post. I’ve been following your journey and am looking forward to hearing more and seeing your first video in a few days. Your spirit and observations are inspiring. Keep up the good work!

It is good to hear that things are progressing well there, the phone, the diet coke, the travels. Sorry about the keyboard though. Your Family is doing well, you are in our prayers and your smile was missed at the Turkey Brigade today. Take care. Be blessed.
Shay GBT

Hello, I would like to wish you luck. Stay safe. Since it seems you will going into harms way, I believe you should learn how to operate the local weapon systems.
Well, good luck, and I am expecting your first vid.

-Pali High student

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