Friday in N’d

Hello everyone!

We will have to enjoy life in N’djamena a little longer, at least through Monday. The satellite phone arrives Sunday night, and our press permit (we will be press!) will, we hope, be ready Monday morning. We went to the UNHCR today, and they are going to help us with the permit. Today we also had to go to immigration, and I’m not sure why. At the airport on arrival, they stamp your passport and tell you to present yourself at immigration within three days, and then they stamp your passport again. We would be lost without our contacts here in N’d. Even with them, we will not get to the camps before Tuesday.

We will still keep Nov 21 as the first day of video feeds, since we’ve been recording and have something that will help in setting up the rest of the trip. We have been learning a lot from people that have extensive experience in the camps on the border.

You will soon get to meet Martin, an aid worker from Kenya (with permission to use his name already). We interviewed him today, and his passion for helping the children in the camps can be easily seen. We’ll have video of him soon.

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