More on N’djamena


We got to drive around town today, making it through traffic, which in size is not anything close to LA, but it is a lot more of an adventure. There are no working traffic lights, so drivers have to be quite offensively minded, if they want to make it far. There are many motorcycles and bicycles on the streets, plus throw in some pedestrians that walk right on the side of the road. Our driver took us past the president’s house, with its many guards all around it. A strong military presence can be surely felt in town.

Our host, E, told us that just a few days ago there was an attack on the military base that is just down the street. Some people got killed. E says that things happen in one part of town that do not have an effect on other parts of the city; life goes on. We’ve heard gun shots each of the days we’ve been here, but people seem uninterested or used to it. We are staying safe and following the suggestions of people that know better. We cannot just hang around town. They tell me that it is actually more relaxing out at the camps.

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