Day 9: June 23, 2009 Take Action

Day 9 Action: Steps for Peace

This week the Obama Administration has brought together key signatories and over 30 countries in Washington to discuss the fate of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Sudan. John Norris, Executive Director of ENOUGH Project, noted recently, “One of the key problems with the CPA to date has been the fact that the parties to […]

Issue 8: March 2009

Update: On the Ground

This situation for Darfuris on the ground is deteriorating quickly. On a conference call on March 11, International Rescue Committee (IRC) indicated that they were able to put in place a few supplies before they were ordered out. They estimate that medicine will run out in one month, and fuel supplies for water pumps will […]

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4ème jour : Olympiades et Paix au Darfour

KTJ, Gabriel et Bouba retournent à l’école qu’ils ont visitée hier, avec ses classes faites de bâches et ses maigres ressources. Nous avons parlé avec plusieurs professeurs de la situation au Darfour et ils ont insisté sur la nécessité de Paix, de Protection et de Justice (ou de Punition, comme le projet ENOUGH parle des […]

Day 3: Aug 3, 2008

Action: Ask your leader to support the ICC

We should be telling our leaders and the world that it is the responsibility of the government of Sudan to protect UN-AU Peacekeepers in their country. If violence towards them and other humanitarian aid workers increases with recent evidence brought against President al-Bashir, then war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetuated by the government of […]

Issue 1: Sept 2007

Darfur in the news: peacekeepers killed and kidnapped.

As the world waits for the 26,000 hybrid force to pull together their troops, supplies, and money for a UN-Africa Union peacekeeping mission, we see the situation in Darfur worsening. Rebel leaders have attacked a base, killing soldiers and looting their base. Today 40 soldiers are still missing. Senegal is now threatening to pull out […]