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The Road Towards Two Nations

Southern Sudan will hold a referendum on January 9, 2011 regarding independence from Sudan proper, the largest nation in Africa. The upcoming referendum raises hopes and concerns for the country‚Äôs future. On the one hand, if properly supervised, it could lead to peace, which most Sudanese have never experienced. On the other hand, if not […]

Issue 12: September 2009 SGN Blog

Avoiding Total War in Sudan

The Urgent Need for a Different U.S. Strategy John Prendergast of the Enough Project and Sudan Now have released an open letter to the Obama Administration as part of a series that outlines practical steps for peace in the Sudan. The Obama administration has almost completed its policy review on Sudan. There is, however, a […]

Day 9: June 23, 2009 Take Action

Day 9 Action: Steps for Peace

This week the Obama Administration has brought together key signatories and over 30 countries in Washington to discuss the fate of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in Sudan. John Norris, Executive Director of ENOUGH Project, noted recently, “One of the key problems with the CPA to date has been the fact that the parties to […]