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On World Refugee Day: Think and Act Darfur

As Darfur is experiencing a dramatic spike in violence on the tenth anniversary of the crisis, Susan Rice and Samantha Power have been appointed National Security Adviser and Ambassador to the United Nations respectively.  In their new positions, they will have the unique opportunity to directly impact the U.S. and world’s response to the dire […]

Issue 16: June 2010

World Refugee Day: June 20, 2010

There are over 40 million people displaced worldwide, many of them having been forced brutally out of their homes. June 20th is not only World Refugee Day, but it is also Father’s Day and an opportunity to learn, teach, and take action for the men, women, and children that yearn for a return home. Here […]

i-ACT 8: June 15 - 24, 2009

i-ACT8 Bonus

We begin our journey home today from Guereda to Abeche to N’Djamena to Paris and finally to Los Angeles. Ian goes on to London from Paris and Eric should have already arrived home in LA. We have so many photos, so much video, and so many thoughts to share with you all about this i-ACT. […]

Day 7: June 21, 2009 Take Action

Day 7 Action: Fathers of the Day

Today is Father’s Day. Around the world families will come together to celebrate the men who have given so much to their children. Looking out across yesterday’s World Refugee Day celebration, I didn’t see many men, it was mostly the colorful scarves of women and children. The men who did survive the violent attacks on […]

Day 7: June 21, 2009

Focused and Determined

Yesterday was World Refugee Day, and the people of Camp Djabal’s lives were intertwined with people from around the world in real-time. It was without a doubt the most important work I’ve ever done in my life. I haven’t had time to really process or absorb what I have been taking in on this trip, […]

Day 7: June 21, 2009

This is Why I am Here

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. My friends got to speak to the world. Directly to anyone who logged in. To anyone who was following any of the many twitter updates. To anyone who was on the live chat – anywhere in the world. We had spent the days leading up to WRD preparing for the […]

Day 6: June 20, 2009 Take Action

Day 6 Action: Act in Solidarity

Today is World Refugee Day. i-ACT is providing live video feed from refugee camps in Chad and there are events all around the world to honor the lives and the daily struggles of refugees. Each moment you spend getting to know a Darfuri brings you closer to the reality of today’s theme: Real People, Real […]

Day 5: June 19, 2009 Take Action

Day 5 Action: Tune In

I have had many discussions in the past few years about why people choose to look the other way about Darfur. Or about most part a majority of the human rights violations and mass atrocities around the world. I think many times it’s because if we know, we bear the moral responsibility to act. But […]

Day 4: June 18, 2009 Take Action

Day 4 Action: Text Clinton

Today, Thursday June 18, 2009, Secretary of State Clinton will be attending a special event for World Refugee Day in Washington D.C. with Angelina Jolie, Anderson Cooper, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Anontio Guterres. i-ACT will be bringing our friend Rahma from Chad, through video, to meet Secretary of State Clinton. You […]

Day 3: June 17, 2009

Night and Day

At about 4:30am, I start to hear the roosters compete for loudest.  Then the donkeys follow with their heehawing, along with some confused horses jumping in to the fray.  I toss and turn for about an hour, on my foam mattress on the floor, trying to get just a few more minutes of rest before […]