Day 7: June 21, 2009 Take Action

Day 7 Action: Fathers of the Day

IMG_1924.JPG Today is Father’s Day. Around the world families will come together to celebrate the men who have given so much to their children. Looking out across yesterday’s World Refugee Day celebration, I didn’t see many men, it was mostly the colorful scarves of women and children. The men who did survive the violent attacks on the villages and made it here, tell us stories of not only the horrors of violence, but of the emotional struggle to continue to survive away from their own homes every day. Their eyes say alot.

This Father’s Day we are asking you to write an open Father’s Day letter to the editor to your LOCAL PAPER. Tell them of the stories you have learned and of the Darfuri fathers you have personally connected with. Ask President Obama, a father himself and the father of our country, to work to bring justice and peace to our beautiful friends.

Also submit your open letter to the editor:

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