i-ACT 8: June 15 - 24, 2009

i-ACT8 Bonus

We begin our journey home today from Guereda to Abeche to N’Djamena to Paris and finally to Los Angeles. Ian goes on to London from Paris and Eric should have already arrived home in LA.

We have so many photos, so much video, and so many thoughts to share with you all about this i-ACT.

As we begin our journey back to see you we will periodically post new stuff here. Please check back regularly, SIGN UP FOR OUR UPDATES (left hand column), follow our facebook group or iact on twitter.

For me, this i-ACT was a dream come true. In addition to posting same-day videos, photos, actions and blogs, we connected live with the world. We did one VIP live event to Washington DC, one marathon of live video to the world to honor refugees for World Refugee Day, one live connection from Camp Kounoungo to Price Waterhouse Cooper in Australia, and one live video interview with a women’s magazine in China. All with the voice of the refugees at the center.

Thank you to the entire i-ACT team both in the US and here in Chad who made this possible. Without our team, i-ACT would not have the impact, scoop, or possibilities for more. Working with UNHCR and getting to know the staff more personally was a treat. Thank you Annette, Greg, Marco, and staff in Goz Beida and Guereda.Finally, thank you to the refugees who have opened their hearts to us and to you. Allowed us to visit their homes and film their lives.  To hold the newborn babies and play with their children. The refugees in their strength dignity and humanity are my heroes and my fuel to keep going.

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