Issue 16: June 2010

World Refugee Day: June 20, 2010

There are over 40 million people displaced worldwide, many of them having been forced brutally out of their homes. June 20th is not only World Refugee Day, but it is also Father’s Day and an opportunity to learn, teach, and take action for the men, women, and children that yearn for a return home. Here […]

Day 7: June 21, 2009

This is Why I am Here

Yesterday was World Refugee Day. My friends got to speak to the world. Directly to anyone who logged in. To anyone who was following any of the many twitter updates. To anyone who was on the live chat – anywhere in the world. We had spent the days leading up to WRD preparing for the […]

i-ACT i-ACT 8: June 15 - 24, 2009 Take Action

Action: World Refugee Day – Saturday June 20, 2009

World Refugee Day (WRD) is a time of celebration. To honor the survivors who were forced fled their homes and sought refuge and safety from violence. To recognize them as part of us. WRD is also a time to reflect on the root causes of mass atrocities and solutions to bring those who were forced […]