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Action: World Refugee Day – Saturday June 20, 2009

World Refugee Day (WRD) is a time of celebration. To honor the survivors who were forced fled their homes and sought refuge and safety from violence. To recognize them as part of us. WRD is also a time to reflect on the root causes of mass atrocities and solutions to bring those who were forced to run back home. It should be a day of action, as action is the very best way to honor and celebrate the sorrows and triumphs of humanity by connecting with humanity in the toughest of times.

On Saturday June 20, 2009, World Refugee Day will be celebrated around the world in internally displaced person’s camps and refugee camps throughout the world. This year’s theme is Real People, Real Needs. We ask you can be part of this day and to bring celebration and action into you life.


1. Participate in a live web streaming from Chad refugee camps. Follow our team as they capture the daily life and special WRD events. Ask questions via the live chat, and spread the word via your online social networks.

2. In solidarity with and in honor of the theme, Real People, Real Needs, fast from midnight to midnight for WRD – join here.

3. During the World Refugee Day web streaming, invite a few friends and family to your home to share in the experience. The live streaming and chat offer the opportunity for you to actively deepen the relationship between your community and refugees. Making our very large world personal is part of the long term solution that can create peace, justice and equality.

World Refugee Day Flyer – Download and Share!

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Hey there, watching from here, sending much love. I’ll be at a father’s day festival with 4c on the 20th, I’m hoping I can be showing everyone the live broadcast from our booth.


thanks cuz!
It would so cool if you could bring 4c into the conversation on World Refugee Day! People will be able to send comments and questions to us for the refugees!


I’m 17 & from Detroit, Michigan. I want you to know that what you guys are doing is amazing & heroic and I hope you continue with strength. Your mission there is so important and you guys really are making a difference and spreading the awareness. THANK YOU.

Thank you Kasey for joining us and making the refugees here a part of your life. Please feel free to use anything from our site to spread the word!

thank you!

how are you.thank you again. you do the good work in this time .ihope Iwill see you happy.befour go back to USA.Ineed to see you in njamena .now I studay france.ihope that
Iwill take photo with all teams and Iwill give your some photo and film in darfur. thank you

abolamber darfuren

I’m a student at Maryknoll High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, and I have some questions about getting involved. For my senior year we are required to do a project about a particular situation which we consider important and present it to our school, peers as well as educators. I’ve chosen the genocide in Darfur as my topic and have been in contact with a woman, Shahrzad Nouraini, who is an active member of the Hawaii Coalition for Darfur, a local organization. This project requires us to get active and raise awareness in the community and I have some ideas after reading through the website, mainly dealing with the “From America With Love.” I’d be very grateful if someone could get back to me so I can go through with this. Thank you!


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