Day 5: June 19, 2009 Take Action

Day 5 Action: Tune In

IMG_1706.JPGI have had many discussions in the past few years about why people choose to look the other way about Darfur. Or about most part a majority of the human rights violations and mass atrocities around the world. I think many times it’s because if we know, we bear the moral responsibility to act. But it is not just that. Once we know what is going on, we look at our own lives differently, we change, we grow, we hurt more, and we love more.

Tomorrow is World Refugee Day 2009: Real People, Real Needs.

Tune in to the live feed from Camp Djabal. It’s over several hours so please make time to join us. There will be an interactive, live chat and twitter feed through the website. Invite your friends with this flyer or leave them at a neighborhood coffee house.

Don’t tune out. Tune In.

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So impressed by all you have done and are doing –
so wonderful. So happy and relieved R’s mom
is better.

Hugs to all,


We’ve tried to get the word out, near & far, about your effort! Hopefully, some of the Sudanese in our area will be able to watch; there’s a local World Refugee Day event scheduled at the same time. Team Goldner will have to follow up after we return from a service project in Uvalde, TX. We wish you all the best with your live feed project.

Lisa & family
San Antonio

wellcome teams.thank you again.that good work the god blesse all.
ihope to metting your in this time


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