Day 15: Dec 4, 2005

I-ACT: Day Fifteen

Immediate danger Heavily armed men ride in during the middle of the night and take whatever they want. During the day, men are abducted and tortured, women beaten and raped…and these are the survivors. There are killings also. It sounds like reports we are hearing from the interior of Darfur, with its ever deteriorating security […]

Day 14: Dec 3, 2005

i-ACT: Day Fourteen

Chasing the border 6:45 pm Sudan is a pretty large country, as countries go, but we had a hard time finding it. Sunday is a rest day for the NGO’s; they did not go to the camp. We decided to go see the line between Darfur and Chad, after first asking Pacome, the UNHCR head […]

Day 13: Dec 2, 2005

i-ACT: Day Thirteen

Family Pictures 10:35 pm I was just looking at some of the pictures I’ve taken, the families, the children, and the recipients of the Peace Tiles. They really do look like our children; they look like family. But, what have those eyes seen and what have those hearts felt? Way up north…Bahai 5:02 pm Today […]

Day 11: Nov 31, 2005

i-ACT: Day Eleven

6:08pm Commenting back Hello again. I cut short answering some of your questions yesterday because of the always present electricity issue, but we’re back! I hope we are also seeing some of the answers to your questions through the videos. I am making an effort to go out and ask the questions you’ve been asking […]

Day 10: Nov 30, 2005

i-ACT: Day Ten

9:36pm Title: Day 11: Guereda-Kounoungo-Guereda-Mile-Guereda-Iriba That was our day today. We had not planned to go to camp Kounoungo, but I then heard that the African Union, the force that is in charge of monitoring the “peace” in Darfur, was going to land by helicopter to check out conditions in the camp, so we headed […]

Day 9: Nov 29, 2005

Today’s Action

Write a letter to the newspaper Write a letter to the editor of your national newspaper urging your support for increased international engagement in Darfur. Talk to them about i-ACT and tell them in your own words why you think i-ACT is an important tool to increase coverage about the genocide in Darfur. Help us […]

Day 7: Nov 27, 2005

i-ACT: Day Seven

Commenting back 12:41 pm Hola Mom! Me estoy poniendo bastante protector de sol y trato de encontrar una sombrita cuando puedo. Como estas tu y todos por alla? Yo aca enfocandome en cada dia y en la gente que voy conociendo. Los extano mucho pero los siento cerca. Un abrazo. Tu hijo el quinto y […]

Day 6: Nov 26, 2005

i-ACT: Day Six

Women with their Children 6:01 pm Right away on entering Mile, I noticed that women are the energy that powers the camp. Women, with their children, gather water and dig up dirt to create mud bricks. They carry these bricks to their tents and then build walls that become rooms and spaces for their families […]

Day 3: Nov 23, 2005


Today’s Action Call the President. 1 (202) 456-1111 Use this script (or your own words) “Hi. My name is ______, from ______, I am calling to encourage the President to take stronger measures to support civilian protection in Darfur. I feel the U.S. is neglecting its responsibility to protect innocent victims of violence in Darfur. […]

Day 3: Nov 23, 2005


I miss my family. My wife, Zahara, has been sending me text messages to our satellite phone and e-mails to the one account we download now and then. I’ve been away for a week now. It is the first time in four years that I miss Mimi’s soccer game. Zahara told me that she scored […]