Day 17: Dec 6, 2005

i-ACT Day Seventeen

Commenting Back 11:36pm Cynthia: Thanks! I was feeling a bit down just now. Your comment brought me back, still a bit sad, but so much more rocking! Gracias amiga. Say hi to all at…miss everyone. g 10:48pm Hi Tere: It is unbelievable that people would choose to live in such harsh areas. I’m not […]

Day 6: Nov 26, 2005

i-ACT: Day Six

Women with their Children 6:01 pm Right away on entering Mile, I noticed that women are the energy that powers the camp. Women, with their children, gather water and dig up dirt to create mud bricks. They carry these bricks to their tents and then build walls that become rooms and spaces for their families […]