Day 21: Dec 10, 2005

Commenting Back

12/11 5:08pm Title: Commenting back Hello Tom! I’m sitting here in the middle of the yard of the CCF guesthouse, with the pc and satellite modem, reading your and other people’s comments. Thanks for helping out with the team back home and for staying in touch with us out here; it really makes a difference. […]

Day 10: Nov 30, 2005

i-ACT: Day Ten

9:36pm Title: Day 11: Guereda-Kounoungo-Guereda-Mile-Guereda-Iriba That was our day today. We had not planned to go to camp Kounoungo, but I then heard that the African Union, the force that is in charge of monitoring the “peace” in Darfur, was going to land by helicopter to check out conditions in the camp, so we headed […]