Get Involved!

Here’s a summary of all the actions from i-ACT 5 (and more!). Keep the pressure on and strong! Locally Tell 5 Friends (or more!) about i-ACT: Send them to our website and send them a story of one of our friends This coming weekend, bring the faces and stories of our friends to your place […]

Actions Day 6: June 15, 2008

Action: Lend your voice!

Your voice is Their voice – today they need you to stand up, stronger then ever, and tell their story. For the past month and a half, violence throughout Sudan towards Darfuris has increased significantly with Darfuris in the capitol being pulled from their homes and executed in the street or arrested and taken to […]

Actions Day 5: June 14, 2008

Action: Put on the pressure!

Last time we were in Camp Kounoungo, Adam thanked the American people for taking action, but encouraged us to do more. “We need action,” he said. As we always say at SGN, our leaders will not do the right thing, because its the right thing to do. We need to tell them what is important […]

Actions Day 4: June 13, 2008


This Friday, join the San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition begin your weekly commitment to Darfur Fridays and Keep International Focus on Darfur. This month use your weekly actions to ask President Bush to reconsider his plan to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games because of China’s relationship to Sudan. Click on […]

Actions Day 3: June 12, 2008

Action: Urge the future President to make Darfur a priority

Senators and Presidential Candidates McCain, Obama, and Clinton issued a joint statement on the situation in Darfur and their commitment to continuing their current efforts to end the violence in Darfur and implement the Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Read their statement and thank them for condemning the government of Sudan. Please also urge the candidates […]

Actions Day 2: June 11, 2008

Action: World Refugee Day

In the United States, 2008 is an election year. For the international refugee community, 2008 is the year of Protection. In one week, on June 20th, we celebrate World Refugee Day, and kick-off a year focused on the theme of protection: \prə-ˈtekt\ to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction. We, as Global […]

Actions Day 1: June 10, 2008

Action: Lend your voice

After five years, the targeted and calculated violence towards innocent civilians in Darfur not only continues, but is worsening as you watch Stop Genocide Now and i-ACT field team members return to refugee camps in Eastern Chad for the fifth time. Our friends who made the treacherous journey across the border and to a refugee […]