Darfur Athlete Profiles Day 4: Aug 4, 2008

Darfur Athlete Profile: Abakar and Amira

Download this profile to print Amira Age: 8 Refugee in Camp Oure Cassoni Nationality: Sudanese Amira was the track and field champion of the day, out running her fellow students in a race across the soccer pitch. All together 10 girls participated in today’s races. They began with a Sudanese Opening Ceremony: walking through the […]

Day 3: Aug 3, 2008

Jewish World Watch – Updates from the field: Solar Cookers and Backpacks

Greetings JWW! Today we showed your video to a small group of women in Camp Oure Cassoni. Aziza showed us how to set up the cooker, which she received just a month ago. There are now two solar cookers per block in her Zone (which there are three of). They are just beginning to use […]

Darfur Athlete Profiles Day 2: Aug 2, 2008

Darfur Athlete Profile: Issa, 14

Download this profile to print Issa Age: 14 Refugee in Camp Oure Cassoni Nationality: Sudanese How Issa got to Camp Oure Cassoni When asked who destroyed his village, Issa will tell you, the President of Sudan. Four years ago, Issa’s village Darfur was attacked by Sudanese soldiers and the Janjaweed. With machetes, the men tore […]

Day 1: Aug 1, 2008

Old Friends, New Friends

The airport is quiet and calm when we enter. I’m worried about our weight, and also Bouba, who will be taking tomorrow’s flight with one of our bags. Two bags pass through and the other three, plus our two backpacks sit in the corner. A friendly face approaches, Jim! Our pilot from i-ACT4 has helped […]


i-ACTzine Issues

Issue 16: June 2010 June 20 is World Refugee Day. The United Nations Refugee Agency theme is Home: They can take my Home but not my Future. Join the movement working to make sure that our Sudanese friends have the future they want, a future back at home. Write a Letter to the Editor, gather […]

Day 8: Jan 26, 2008

Alpha Goes Faster than the Sun

G’s Journal—day 8Today was another travel day, and we felt it. We left Goz Beida and Camp Djabal a lot later than I would have wished for, 1:15pm. That made it way too tight for traveling from Abeche to Farchana by car. We flew in to Abeche at about 2pm, with a few errands to […]