Darfur Athlete Profiles Day 2: Aug 2, 2008

Darfur Athlete Profile: Issa, 14

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Age: 14
Refugee in Camp Oure Cassoni
Nationality: Sudanese

How Issa got to Camp Oure Cassoni

When asked who destroyed his village, Issa will tell you, the President of Sudan. Four years ago, Issa’s village Darfur was attacked by Sudanese soldiers and the Janjaweed. With machetes, the men tore through their peaceful farming village targeting men and the elderly first. Their crops of okra, tomatoes, and millet were destroyed. Those who attacked his village slaughtered most of the animals and kept a few for themselves as a reward. Many from his family were killed, and the lucky ones walked two weeks to reach the border with Chad. Now many of his family from his village are living together in Camp Oure Cassoni as refugees. They no longer farm, they simply wait.

Hobbies and Sports

Issa enjoys attending school the most. He is beginning to learn to speak Arabic, although he writes it very well. When asked about sports, he turns shy, but it soon comes out that Issa is one of the best futbol players in his zone. He easily handles the ball, juggling once or twice before bringing it to the ground. When asked, Issa already knows which boys will play on his team in the coming days of the Darfur Olympics. Him and his teammates play give and go passes to get around the defense and are quick to pressure the ball!


Issa will continue to study for as long as possible in the camp. Unfortunately, there are only primary schools in Camp Oure Cassoni. But, one day he hopes to return to his home in Darfur, and become a teacher so he can educate his people.

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Hi guys, great videos and amazing work. I love the athlete profiles. KTJ, nice goal! I couldn’t see who scored the second one, was it you or G? I hope Issa got the best of you in the end.

Thank you for you work, dedication, inspiration, love and hope for humanity.



Hey Miah!
Will pass on note to Bouba! He has a brand new baby girl! I scored the 2nd one also and we held them at 2-0 for the rest of the game…well that is the rest of 10 minutes, it was really really hot out there!
Thanks for sticking with us Miah! ktj

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