Darfur Athlete Profiles Day 4: Aug 4, 2008

Darfur Athlete Profile: Abakar and Amira

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Age: 8
Refugee in Camp Oure Cassoni
Nationality: Sudanese

Amira was the track and field champion of the day, out running her fellow students in a race across the soccer pitch. All together 10 girls participated in today’s races. They began with a Sudanese Opening Ceremony: walking through the crowd of spectators, carrying signs of peace, and singing a traditional Darfur song about peace. Amira is the first Dafuri woman to bring home a gold medal.


Age: 13
Refugee in Camp Oure Cassoni
Nationality: Sudanese

Abakar was chosen to participate in the Darfur Olympic games by his teachers. He is a student that excels in school, and works hard to get good grades. His schooling his is future. Today, during the Darfur Olympics basketball game in his refugee game, Abakar scored the only basket! His fellow classmates and teachers cheered him on courtside as he led his team to victory!

Their Refugee Camp

Abakar and Amira are living in this refugee camp because their village was destroyed by Arab militias in Darfur. In order for him, and others to return, they say they need Peace, Protection, and Justice. Their teachers speak of the recent evidence of genocide brought against al-Bashir. They say that a reorganization of Darfur is necessary in order for them to return and have a chance at living peacefully. They need protection which includes suspending weapons transfers, and disarming the Janjaweed. And finally, those who are responsible for the mass killing of their people need to be held accountable for true justice to be served.

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4 replies on “Darfur Athlete Profile: Abakar and Amira”

Your pictures are awsome. They tell a story of life, beauty, and hope with very little resources.

Loved seeing today’s video. It was great to see the kids enjoying themselves so much, especially the girls. I get so upset when I see the soccer field at my son’s high school with long grass or holes here and there because I worry that the kids will get hurt… We are so fortunate…

Hi Rachel,
I know how you feel about the soccer fields. The kids even take their shoes off and run on the hot burning sand to play with us, while we have boots. It also really upsets me here when the kids begin pushing each other to get in the picture or boys starting hitting each other, and inevitably the youngest ones get pushed down and start crying. I try to clear space, and room, but they are all so eager for attention. Thanks for the support.
best, ktj

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