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Bring Guisma Home: Host a Home-Viewing and Action Party

“Don’t you just want to bring them home?” I’m often asked that when people see pictures and videos of me with children in the Darfuri refugee camps.  I do bring them home with me, in so many ways.  They are what keep me going every day in this often-depressing work.  As any father would say, […]

Issue 16: June 2010

World Refugee Day DVD & Videos!

The i-ACT team put together a series of videos that you can share at your World Refugee Day (WRD) event or meet-up. It will help provide a sense of life in the refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border, and keep the Sudanese Diaspora connected to their community back home. It can be played on a […]

Day 3: Aug 3, 2008

Jewish World Watch – Updates from the field: Solar Cookers and Backpacks

Greetings JWW! Today we showed your video to a small group of women in Camp Oure Cassoni. Aziza showed us how to set up the cooker, which she received just a month ago. There are now two solar cookers per block in her Zone (which there are three of). They are just beginning to use […]