Issue 16: June 2010

World Refugee Day DVD & Videos!

The i-ACT team put together a series of videos that you can share at your World Refugee Day (WRD) event or meet-up. It will help provide a sense of life in the refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border, and keep the Sudanese Diaspora connected to their community back home. It can be played on a computer or DVD player between two people at a coffee shop or in front of a larger audience at a potluck! Videos are between 5-8 minutes, perfect for talking and reflecting in between clips.

Order your DVD today so we can ship it out to you a soon as possible! If you can, we are asking for a small donation to cover the cost, even $5 will help! Donate here. If you can give more, it will help cover those communities who might not be able to donate at this time.

Please feel free to stream any of our i-ACT videos we have posted on youtube! A few of my favorites are:

1. i-ACT1 Day 21: “Don’t just see in front of you. Turn back and see what is behind you, so maybe you can help the people behind you.”
2. i-ACT3 Day 7: Mansur and Fatna
3. i-ACT6 Day 2: Oure Cassoni, Amira, and children’s drawings of Darfur
4. i-ACT8 Day 11: Adam speaks of Justice

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