Issue 16: June 2010

MY HOME: A Walk Through Children’s Memories of Darfur

Take 5 minutes. Give $25. Help millions. Your $25  gift will help us build MY HOME.  Be a part of telling Darfuri children’s story.

Will you help us raise $2,500 to build MY HOME by August 19, 2010? Each and every dollar will go towards the creation of this exhibit, which will include Darfuri chidren’s drawings, pictures and video from our trips, and more.

Our goal is to launch MY HOME on September 19th, 2010, which will be a Global Day of Action and also coincides with the UN General Assembly being in session.

$2,500 is not peanuts, especially in our current economy. $25 is not peanuts either, but 100 people giving $25 each will build MY HOME. Help us build MY HOME by being part of the 100 people who will help tell this important story.

MY HOME will tell the story we’ve heard during our many visits to camps on the Chad-Darfur border, a story about children’s homes, homes destroyed, temporary homes found, and a longing for a return-home.

Our i-ACT team has always been uncomfortable with spending too much energy asking for donations, but we really believe that MY HOME will move and inspire people to act for the children whose stories they are experiencing through the exhibit.

This “Help Us Build MY HOME” Campaign will go on for one month, July 19th – August 19th. The exhibit MY HOME will keep going for as long as necessary, educating and activating as many people as possible, so your impact will ripple on far beyond limits you might imagine. Learn more with this one page description of MY HOME.

Be a part of MY HOME: Join the MY HOME Soul Circle

Become a My Home Builder:habib_-_attack_on_village.jpg

  • I will ask many friends and family to help me build MY HOME.
  • I will give $25, and my name will go on the MY HOME  Web site as a supporter.
  • I will give $50, and I will be a supporter that also receives an i-ACT t-shirt!
  • I will give $100 or more and receive an 8×10 print of one of the photos included in the exhibit, a t-shirt, and acknowledgment on the Web site.

Donate today!

Prefer to mail a check? Use this easy donation form.

Make checks payable to i-ACT, MY HOME in the memo line, and mail to:

1732 Aviation Blvd #138
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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Great idea Nell! We will think about making MY HOME t-shirts that use one of the drawings! We were looking at gallery/art spaces today and may have found one for the opening on the 19th! We will keep the community updated!

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