i-ACTzine Issues

  • Issue 16: June 2010
    June 20 is World Refugee Day. The United Nations Refugee Agency theme is Home: They can take my Home but not my Future. Join the movement working to make sure that our Sudanese friends have the future they want, a future back at home. Write a Letter to the Editor, gather together, and order a DVD to share with your community.
  • Issue 15: Sudan Sham Now is a critical time for Sudan. April elections that will be anything but free and fair are rapidly approaching and surrounded by n environment of violence, intimidation, and fraud. We need our leaders to get U.S. Sudan Policy back on track using pressures and consequences. We must act now.
  • Issue 14 2010 marks eight years of genocide in Darfur
  • Issue 13 US Sudan Policy released: Do Not Trust Bashir
  • Issue 12 I STAND with SUDAN NOW
  • Issue 11 New Leaders, Same as the old ones? See what they said before they were elected
  • Issue 10 Honor Darfurian Mother’s on Mother’s Day
  • Issue 9 Outrage at the Federal Building
  • Issue 8 Amira and Mohamed share their thoughts on justice, the ICC ruling and GoS backlash
  • Issue 7 Revisits Obama’s promises and hopes for Darfur – is he keeping his word?
  • Issue 6 Meet Amira from Camp Oure Cassoni
  • Issue 5 Camp Darfur storms Hawaii
  • Issue 4 Why it’s important to speak out and raise awareness about the atrocities in Darfur
  • Issue 3 Camp Darfur’s across the country and holocaust survivor Dr William Samelson
  • Issue 2 Camp Darfur at University of Idaho, and introduction to Katie-Jay Scott
  • Issue 1 A report from the Dream for Darfur torch relay in New York City

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