Day 7: Jan 25, 2008

The Unsung Heroes

This is a tribute to the team who has been making i-ACT happen behind the scenes. Each i-ACT field trip involves the labor and sacrifice of many individuals — in publicity, in content, in video editing, in web design and web programming, in IT management. These individuals, in my opinion, exemplify what it is to […]

Day 1: July 10, 2007

Comment replies from Gabriel

Gabriel replies to well wishes from Melva, JC, Jav, Tsai Yi, Mimi Schiff and Ashis.

Day 6: Dec 26, 2006


Thanks to everyone for following us on this journey. You have no idea how good it feels to have your support. And thank you to our amazing i-ACT Team at home, making it easy for us to send all of these words and images. Yuen Lin, Carolyn, and Tsai Yi–you are vey much appreciated and […]