Day 7: Jan 25, 2008

The Unsung Heroes

This is a tribute to the team who has been making i-ACT happen behind the scenes. Each i-ACT field trip involves the labor and sacrifice of many individuals — in publicity, in content, in video editing, in web design and web programming, in IT management. These individuals, in my opinion, exemplify what it is to try to make the world a better place. I try not to use the word “hero” mildly, but in this case I feel it is well-justified. If you have a demanding full-time job, a family to care for, a full set of classes and homework — and for weeks on end you come back in the evening, and until you sleep, work on all the various things that make i-ACT happen — then you are a hero in my books. I know how easy it is to feel frustrated and to get burnt out, but I’ve seen how my team mates just try to keep on going. On top of this, I think everyone really tries to not just ask for peace, but to actually be peace in all their interactions with others.

The i-ACT home team, and when they joined the i-ACT family:

  • Carolyn (i-ACT 1)
  • JC (i-ACT 1)
  • Mark (i-ACT 1)
  • Michael (i-ACT 1)
  • Niny (i-ACT 1)
  • Rachel (i-ACT 1)
  • Yuen-Lin (i-ACT 1)
  • Jie Siang (i-ACT 2)
  • Stacey (i-ACT 2)
  • Tsai-Yi (i-ACT 2)
  • Annie (i-ACT 3)
  • Connie (i-ACT 3)
  • Sam (i-ACT 3)
  • Cory (i-ACT 4)
  • Gerard (i-ACT 4)
  • Tiffany (i-ACT 4)

I tried writing down what each person has done, but I gave up because I realized that everyone does so much, and so many different things, that I surely cannot do justice to them. I did not want to understate anything, and of course I can’t ask for your approval :) Team, please forgive me for this. To you and to the countless others who form the backbone of i-ACT, please accept my deepest admiration and gratitude for all that you do.

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Dear Yuen-Lin and Carolyn,

Thank you for the kind words. So I just have to say… That you are MY heroes. What you two have accomplished is truly amazing. I can’t even begin to comprehend all the “tech stuff” (which is what I call it) you guys have done for this project (oh, and I wish I had your brain). But what is even more amazing is your heart and soul. Both of you are beautiful people who care about all humanity. THANK YOU for all you do…your hard work…countless hours and sleepless nights… great insights…lifting our spirits…sharing yourselves with the rest of the world… The people of Darfur are very lucky to have both of you looking out for them, or as my son would say, “you got their backs.”

With deepest respect and love,


Hola YNL and Carolyn,
Our little comunity is an example of people from different backgrounds,culture,etc.,etc.,coming together with a common idea and making things happen!I am so privelidged to know and collaborate with you!
Amor y Paz,Connie.

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