Day 11: December 19

Looking at Hassayna (#99 What would you wish for your own child?)

“All of these here, born here in the camp,” the camp leader told us, as we look at a group of wide-eyed kids.  The others in the group, they were probably either in their mother’s womb or too young to remember Darfur.  He also said that they do not have the resources to dedicate curriculum […]

Day 7: December 15

Saying Goodbye (Reasons #49-54, the individuals; Reason #55 “…not to leave us behind.”)

We have just one more day in Djabal camp. We have spent over a week now visiting our friends here. We have spent a lot of time working on the technology for CommKit, letting the students learn how to use the computer and seeing them read and respond to messages from their friends in the […]

Day 2: December 10

Soccer Bantering (Reason #11, every child has the right to play)

There has been an ongoing discussion between Rahma, his friends and our team. Rahma’s favorite team is Real Madrid. In his hut, he showed us posters of the team, and today he wears the jersey. He prefers Real Madrid over Barcelona because of Cristiano Rinaldo, “He is the best player, for me. Maybe not for […]

Day 0: Preparations

Teamwork and Technology

It was nice to see Yuen-Lin (YL) and Eric (E) live on our computers last night. We tested the three way communication using the equipment we’ll be using out in the refugee camps. It was quick and pretty simple. Out here, there’s no high speed internet. There’s no medium speed internet. There’s slow and slower. […]

i-ACT i-ACT 9: Dec 2010

i-ACT Returning to the Camps!

Our i-ACT team is gearing up to return to the Darfur refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border in late 2010. We will be uploading same day web casts, creating personal relationships between advocates around the world and survivors, and implementing i-ACT Exchange and CommKit. Our team will also be establishing the school to school relationships […]

SGN Blog

Soccer & Changing the World

As the World Cup in South Africa approaches, the world’s attention directs itself to soccer players, teams, long time traditions, statistics, and the stories of those who have used soccer to change the world. I recently read an article, Soccer Savior, about Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba.  The article does talk a lot about soccer and […]

SGN Blog

From SGN Headquarters: Props to Eric and James

It’s busy times at SGN Headquarters.  Elections in Sudan have the team going all out on different fronts, during an April month that is already busy on any year—being Genocide Prevention Month.  I have not slept too much during the past two weeks, and my caffeine consumption is higher than the usual high levels. While […]

Issue 15: Sudan Sham Elections

Peace, Protection, Justice

As many of you know, our tireless team is made up of several hardworking volunteers, and two full time advocates. This year alone, your generous donations have allowed us to coordinate a national campaign with involvement from all 50 states and for 50 days leading up to elections in April, urgent weekly actions, two petitions […]

Issue 11: August 2009


It feels cool to hear our team’s time out here in Eastern Chad called a “mission.”  They ask, “How long is your mission?”  “Where is your mission going?”  I like to think that our mission never ends.  When we get back to the US, our mission continues and, for the most part, becomes even more […]

Bonus: Parting words

Our Team

I am going to share maybe a little too much about my team mates, and too bad if they don’t like it. I put up with their bad jokes, long-winded story telling, incomprehensible tech talk, strong body odor, and I could go on and on, so they’re going to have to put up with my […]