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From SGN Headquarters: Props to Eric and James

It’s busy times at SGN Headquarters.  Elections in Sudan have the team going all out on different fronts, during an April month that is already busy on any year—being Genocide Prevention Month.  I have not slept too much during the past two weeks, and my caffeine consumption is higher than the usual high levels.

While I’ve been busy and not sleeping much, with my SGN/i-ACT work being what I do full-time, I want to give props to two of my teammates that have been making things happen, while having other full-time jobs.  Eric (E) and James (JWT) have talents and energy that beautifully compliment the lack of some of some talents that KTJ and I share.

We just wrapped up 50 days of action for the Sudan Sham Elections 2010 campaign.  E created that website and maintained the frequent changes and additions.  It was an amazing experience to be a part of this truly grassroots campaign.  It would not have happened without E’s dedication.

We now embark on a new phase of our work, i On Sudan.  JWT introduced us to this great platform.  After we explored with the Sudan Sham network about the possibility of us staying together as an action oriented group by creating a monitoring-to-advocacy network, JWT got to work and in a matter of days had the website up and running.  i On Sudan is now receiving information from the ground, sharing it with the world, and connecting this information with advocacy from people that work for peace in Sudan.  We are not sure where this journey will take us, but JWT’s vision and flexibility offers us many possibilities, based on what we see is best for the cause.

Our team is family, and E and JWT are the coolest of brothers.  By the way, we really don’t have an SGN Headquarter.  E lives close to me but also has a full-time job; JWT lives in the East Coast and also does other full-time job.  Other teammates live in other parts of the country, all of them volunteers.  Our Headquarter is where we meet, our virtual brainstorming and action center, which connects all of our computers, minds, and energies.

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