Day 0: Preparations

Teamwork and Technology

It was nice to see Yuen-Lin (YL) and Eric (E) live on our computers last night. We tested the three way communication using the equipment we’ll be using out in the refugee camps. It was quick and pretty simple. Out here, there’s no high speed internet. There’s no medium speed internet. There’s slow and slower. […]

Bonus: Parting words

Our Team

I am going to share maybe a little too much about my team mates, and too bad if they don’t like it. I put up with their bad jokes, long-winded story telling, incomprehensible tech talk, strong body odor, and I could go on and on, so they’re going to have to put up with my […]

Day 10: July 19, 2007

Gabriel’s Day 10 Journal

What’s next? For us, the on-the-ground i-ACT team, we start our jumps back our normal reality.  This morning, we got in a small plane back to Abeche, the biggest little town in the east.  Tomorrow, we get in a slightly bigger plane back to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad.  A couple of days later, we […]

Day 4: July 13, 2007

Gabriel’s Journal

Very Full Days After getting back from the camp, the sky became extremely dark, with thick clouds moving over us. A little later, it started to rain. We’re lucky that our little huts have a good roof, insulated with UNHCR green sheeting. We have continued to get wave after wave of bugs, all shapes and […]

Day 1: Dec 21, 2006

From N’djamena, Chad

Hello friends and familia: It was pitch dark and a bit cool, as we came off of the Air France plane and walked down the steps to go in to the N’djamena airport. Africa has a distinct feeling to it, and I’m just not sure how to explain it. I bet that anyone that’s been […]