Day 5: December 13

Title: Experiencing Joy (Refugee camps harden children, Reason #36)

I don’t think words can explain how fun it was to see Bashir and Bashar, already two of my most favorite people in this entire camp, laugh and play with such joy and freedom. They would not stop laughing as they battled with James, cheetah vs dinosaur vs. fire truck! This giggle was the first […]

Day 2: December 10

Soccer Bantering (Reason #11, every child has the right to play)

There has been an ongoing discussion between Rahma, his friends and our team. Rahma’s favorite team is Real Madrid. In his hut, he showed us posters of the team, and today he wears the jersey. He prefers Real Madrid over Barcelona because of Cristiano Rinaldo, “He is the best player, for me. Maybe not for […]