i-ACT Returning to the Camps!

Our i-ACT team is gearing up to return to the Darfur refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border in late 2010. We will be uploading same day web casts, creating personal relationships between advocates around the world and survivors, and implementing i-ACT Exchange and CommKit. Our team will also be establishing the school to school relationships for the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program.

Attend our Facebook Event and pledge to check in and view, watch, read, and act.

Download and distribute an i-ACT Expedition #9 Flyer!

Stay tuned for daily actions and ways you can create a personal relationship with Darfuris!

Katie-Jay keeps i-ACT running on several levels. Much of her work entails coordinating partnerships with other grassroots organizations and implementing the campaigns developed by Gabriel and seeing through the details. She graduated from Portland State University with a BA in Sociology and a focus on Community Development. She has previously worked as a community organizer in Thailand, Guatemala, and with grassroots organizations across the United States.




2 Responses to “i-ACT Returning to the Camps!”
  1. Nell Okie says:

    Great news!!! Thrilled to read this!!!

    • ktj says:

      Thanks Nell! We are really looking forward to this trip. It’s long over due. I am excited to see our friends and help get their voices out into the world. I am also excited to see progress made by the Sister Schools Program in camp education.

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