Day 8: July 17, 2007

Gabriel’s Day 8 Journal

Flying, North of Abeche Hello Friends y Familia: You all make me feel supported and loved. I look forward to reading your comments everyday, and I check as often as possible. Each leg of this trip takes me physically farther and farther from what I know and feel as home. I also end up in […]

Day 6: July 15, 2007

Yuen-Lin’s Day 6 journal

There are many rituals shared, with subtle variations, by all of humanity. They cut through the man-made barriers that have arisen over time – borders, skin color, amount of wealth – and remind us that we are much more same than different. One of these rituals is school-going. In a refugee camp set in the […]

Day 4: July 13, 2007

Yuen-Lin’s Day 4 journal

If a person has experienced a lot of suffering for a prolonged period, one may expect it to leave a mark. If there has not been effective outside assistance in bringing peace to one’s homeland, one might at least be cautious towards outsiders. Not so with the people we have met and seen so far. […]

Day 3: July 12, 2007

Gabriel’s Journal

It is hard to describe the feelings that go through me when I get off the car at a refugee camp. We don’t have one word that tells about all feelings mixed in to one. Joy is definitely there. How can I not feel joy at being around so much life and energy? I get […]


Field Report 1: I Stand With Darfur on MLK Day

Video Summary People gather outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC to show their support for those from Darfur who continue to be denied safe return to their homes. A symbolic refugee camp tent was erected on the compound. Speeches were delivered throughout the day and at night, images from the refugee camps were projected […]

Day 11: Dec 31, 2006

Day 11 from Gabriel

Hello friends, familia: It has been a pretty exhausting day. It was three hours on the road, with a stop in between that was far from being a rest stop. I had thought that visiting this camp and looking for a wonderful family I had met a year ago was going to be maybe even […]

Day 7: Dec 27, 2006

The view from the hill

Blog, 12/27/06 7:52am, Eastern Chad Not far from the refugee camp school, there is a pretty little hill that just calls to be climbed. After a couple of ours of looking in at school activities, I asked Stace and Ali if they wanted to walk to the top of the hill. I thought it would […]

i-ACT 1: Nov 21 - Dec 10, 2005

Out of Abeche

9:38am It was an exciting, if unexpected, way to start the day. We thought that our flight to N’Djamena departed at 11:30am, so that we had time to leisurely get our things together. At 8:00am, the guesthouse guard came running, saying that there was a UNHCR car outside looking for us. The UNHCR staff told […]