Day 3: July 12, 2007

Gabriel’s Journal

Gabriel and Leila

It is hard to describe the feelings that go through me when I get off the car at a refugee camp. We don’t have one word that tells about all feelings mixed in to one. Joy is definitely there. How can I not feel joy at being around so much life and energy? I get that when I see my own children. But then, at the camps, the surroundings hit me. Then the knowledge of what many have gone through hits me. But then I again see a beautiful face with a beautiful smile.

I’m leaving this entry short and will let you see what I mean, as you watch the video and see the faces for yourself. What do you think of little Leila? :)

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OH GABE …………. she is GORGEOUS!!!!!

And you look like THE best Daddy in the World (I’m sure Mimi and Gabo are nodding right now)

Beautiful picture, BIG day for you all – well done. THANK YOU …. !!!

(I don’t want to disappoint in the Comic Relief department so ….. go and iron your T-Shirt – you look like a hobo …. or is that just Red Bull withdrawal??)

Ah Gayle, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my t-shirt. That’s the new “in” look. Didn’t you know? But I am going through Red bull withdrawals. I’m in so bad a shape that I’m even drinking a little regular cola now and then.

Hugs, my good friend from Australia. Actually, my very best friend from Australia (umm….trying to think if I know anyone else from there…)

Hola Sr. Gabriel,

Muy padre el reportaje, te vez muy bien con todos tus hijos. Gabo y Mimi dicen hola a todos sus hermitos y hermanitas. Te mando un abrazo, cuidate mucho. Te Amo.

Hola mi Zahas:
Si que tengo muchos hijos e hijas, eh!? En verdad que ser papa es lo que me mueve a venir aca. Todos estos ninos y ninas son igual de queridos por sus papas que como nosotros queremos a Gabo y Mimi. Como seria si fueramos nosotros los que vivimos aqui? Te quiero mucho.–G

Hi Gabriel! I’m glad to see you made it to Africa safely. It looks like you are having a wonderful visit. I’m still blown away that we even have to make such visits to refugee camps in this day and age. But, thank you for all the work you are doing! Camp Darfur really made such an impact on our campus and I’m so honored to know a person like you who is making such an impact on the world. Stay safe!

Hi! Yes, those faces are incredibly moving — why can’t everyone just hear their simple message? We enjoyed all the video footage of the suspenseful ride to reach the camp and getting to see the warm reception. Although each departure you make must be hard emotionally, you are bringing them hope and reassurance their situation has not been forgotten. We will do our part to spread the word using the links for media contacts. Have a safe journey to your next stop.

Peace and prayers,


Gabriel, my friend!!! Once again, from the safety and comfort of my living room in Canada, I am virtually following along on your journey to Chad/Darfur. Good to see you again, although I do wish that now was the ‘happy’ trip when the Darfurians get to return safely to their homes. Good to see Connie and Yuen-Lin again as well. Happy you have them along with you to share the experience. Although, with Yuen-Lin there with you who am I going to whine to when I mess up with the ‘word of the day’? I only missed two last time and I’m determined that I won’t miss any this trip. I need a new t-shirt! My other one looks in worse shape than yours :) … good thing Gayle can’t see it or she’d be giving me hell too.

Travel safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Peace for Darfur,


Hi Papi,
Its great that you guys made it to the camps.I was so happy to see all the beautiful children.
And yes Leila is beautiful.Love you!

Gabriel, I am not sure if you remember me but I was in Pam Bruns class at Mount St. Mary’s College over a year now and when you came to visit we were talking about your first i-act trip to Darfur.
I just finished reading Brian Stiedle’s “The Devil Came on Horeseback” talk about a powerful book. After watching the video it brings joy to my heart to see the children as happy as they are. It is heartbreaking to be opened to the realities time and time again of what are happening in Darfur. I will be doing my part here and thank you so very much, you and your team, for the ways you are blessing all of those you meet and talk to. It will end.

Best wishes and Peace to you throughout,

Hi Gabe,
Leila is beautifu,l she seems really nice too,just like all the other children.I dont see why the should live in pain if their just like everyone.

Dear Gabriel,
I personally think your t-shirt looks great. In the midst of a barren desert you come upon a garden of childrens faces. Thank you for being who you are and sharing your heart and soul with so many. The children are beautiful and Leila has taken my heart. I watch your interactions with the children and know that they know you care.
When will this end? Where is the humanity in this world for people and not for commodities?
I wish you safety on your trip and will follow you daily.

Gabriel–I see the warmth in your logs and the spirit of hope you spead in these camps
Truely it is a mixed blessing to see the beauty in these displaced peoples and know the
agony that caused them to bee there. Be safe- Marty


Such memories and an ache in my heart! Your dedication never ceases to amaze me. The world needs more fathers and leaders like you and perhaps ” Never Again ” will really mean never again. Paz, Stacey

woo gabe que padre video! y que bonita es Leila con una gran sonrisa que contagia a todos con su alegria. Que Padre es convivir con alguien como tu que lucha por una gran causa y un gran ser humano cuidate mucho y aqui te seguiremos todos los dias. :).

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