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i-ACT Team Headed back to Darfuri Refugee Camps

i-ACT is departing on its eleventh expedition to Eastern Chad to bring technology, educational materials, and sports equipment to Darfuri refugees living in camps along the Chad-Darfur border. With tensions rising and rumors of looming civil war between Sudan and newly seceded South Sudan, the team faces an uncertain level of danger. i-ACT founder Gabriel […]

Issue 5: March 2008

Update from the Border: 11 March 08

Update: Darfur refugees who have been waiting for three weeks at the border of Chad-Sudan are being relocated to existing refugee camps near Guereda. When we were last visiting our friends, Adam, Yakoub, and Fatne in Kounougo, there were 16,188 residents. Mile held 13,500. Together there is room for no more than 10,000 more of […]