1. Connie,

    Que buen trabajo la traduccion, asi mas gente “nuestra gente” se puede unir ala causa. Gracias por hacerlo.

  2. Hello Connie Hello Gabe,

    Have been watching your side and comments.
    Its good to know that there are people like you who care.
    Hope all goes well.
    Hope to see you soon .
    Love you all

  3. Hey Zahas:

    Si, muy bueno el trabajo de Connie. Estuvo muy tarde haciendolo y hoy a sido otro dia ocupado; todavia estoy editando y luego nos falta traducir; pero todo bien.

    Manana nos vamos para Abeche. No creo que durmamos mucho hoy, pero ahi nos emparejaremos cuando se pueda. Un beso y abrazo a toda la familia.


    How nice to hear from you. How’s Germany? How news coverage about Darfur there? In the US there is some, but you still really have to look for it, since the coverage comes and goes, but the crisis stays and the people are not close to returning home.

    I hope you come visit LA sometime soon! Please say hi to your beautiful daughter.

  4. Cany, que gusto verte, me emocione, seguramente es algo dificil pero cuando lo haces con esa pasion y esa entrega, se vulca en algo grandioso, emocionante, te llena de felicidad y de alegria todo tu cuerpo, eso te va a dar fuerzas para que termines la mision exitosamente.
    Igual para Gabriel y para Yuen-Lin.
    Yo desde aqui hago mi trabajo, enviare a mis contactos para que sigan la mision.
    Cuenten con las oraciones de Huberto y mias para ayudar en esto.

  5. Hi Gabe, Connie and Yuen-Lin,
    Good to see you and am glad you are getting a lot of things done. I wish you good fortune and hope you accomplish everything you set out to do and more!
    Connie, que buena onda, llevatela calmada y espero sea otra gran experencia en tu vida. Come lo mejor que puedas.
    Nice to hear from you Wally!
    Signing off Connie style…
    Amor y Paz :)

  6. Hello Connie,

    Way to go girl. It takes courage to get involved ina venture like this. Keep safe. Keep up the good work and continue to pass along the message about the tragic situation in Darfur. Mabe you can visit Wally and me here in Germany, or perhaps we will see you in LA.



  7. Hola Familia,

    I am impressed by how good you guys look! Wow, must come from great lineage ;-)

    Thank you for helping us all become more humane.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Un chorro de Amor and always stay safe,


  8. Hey Wally,
    I’m so glad that you are with us on our trip.Thank’s for all your good thoughts. At this moment we are on a flight to Abeche (on a very, very small plane!) so very soon you will be able to visit the refugees with us. Please say hello to everyone in Germany .It is wonderful to have the support of friends and family. Hopefully our efforts will contribute to a solution for the people of Darfur.Keep in touch and see you soon. Amor y Paz, Connie.

  9. Melvita Gracias!
    Hay amiga las odiseas que te voy a platicar!Si ,si es lo mas dificil que he hecho en mi vida!Pero hoy que llegamos al primer campamento ya me di cuenta porque tome este tarea.Se te quiebra el corazon ver a esta gente y simplemente es dificil entender como puede existir tal indiferencia!Que padre que le estas entrando al activismo sobre todo con correr la voz.Saludos a Humberto y toda tu familia.Amor y Paz,Connie.

    Hola JC,
    Gracias por tus buenos deseos no creas que he tenido mucha hambre(despues te platico….) Ya pronto van a llegar los primero videos de los refugiados,Pobrecitos! No te la crees! Sigue escribiendonos y que vean ,Lexi y Andy para que aprecien lo afortunado que son!Amor y Paz,Connie

    Wow Lisa Dee!
    Never thought that I would be comunicating after so long under these circumstances!Thank-you so much for joining
    our journey and say hello to everyone out that way.Soon you will be seeing our arrival at the first camp you won’t believe your eyes.Like you said it does take courage (a lot) but once you see the refugees and the conditions , we all have to agree that they have much more courage than any of us.Stay in touch and yes I would love to see you guys soon.Amor y Paz,Connie.

    Hi Javi,
    No we have to ,THANK-YOU.We will stay safe and don’t forget to keep the refugees in your thoughts.And by the way I think the camera is helping a little,Gabe says it’ takes the best images.So we can’t take all the credit.Say hi to the muppets and Irma.Amor y Paz,Connie.

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