Field Report 5: From America with Love

Hello friends y familia:We’re getting ready to go back to the Chad-Darfur border and visit the refugee camps. Since being there this past January, the situation in Darfur and Chad and now the Central African Republic has not improved. It has gotten worse. Aid agencies have been under attack, forcing some of them to leave the people and when and where they most need the help.I have been going around the United States, almost non-stop, joining in action with communities that feel compelled to stand up and do all in their power to stop this genocide. When visiting the refugee camps and some of the same people I have seen twice before, I will be able to share with them what regular people–just like them–have told me: they will not stand by, until there is protection in Darfur, and the survivors are able to return home to peace.For this trip, Stacey will not be able to go with. After connecting with the beautiful children and families in the refugee camps, she came home and is now expanding her own immediate family. She and Rene are expecting a baby girl! Stacey will be doing i-ACT support here in the US. So, on this trip I will have the company of my sister Connie, and Yuen Lin, our tech guru and now very much a brother. It’s all about family, expanding our own definition of family to include the people of Darfur.We depart on July 7, and the first day of i-ACT, from the field, will be July 10. Please tell everyone you know to join us on this journey, and interact with the very real people of Darfur.Paz,

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A good friend and fellow activist, Joanne, just sent me an e-mail. She is very persistent in her activism, but some times she feels it’s not enough. She makes her calls to the White House and Congress and tells friends and spreads the word. We all have to stay persistent and not give in to feelings of being overwhelmed. Joanne says, “[What I do] feels like a drop in the bucket, but drops eventually fill up buckets.” We need many more Joannes, filling up buckets!


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