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Tell Congress: We Need Special Envoys

Secretary of State Tillerson is planning to dismantle multiple Special Envoy offices in the State department. Don’t let him!

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Obama’s Stained Legacy

Mr. Obama said that genocide is “a stain on our souls” and promised that “as a president of the United States I don’t intend to abandon people or turn a blind eye to slaughter.”

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Activists send letter to Special Envoy to Sudan Gration

After the ICC came out with an arrest warrant against President of Sudan, al-Bashir, Darfuris everywhere celebrated. For us activists, this also appeared to be the beginning of serious pressure against the brutal dictator. Many of the displaced innocent civilians living in camps suffered greatly from the retaliation that immediately followed the warrant, but they […]


Checklist for the Obama Administration

From the ENOUGH Project, here is checklist for the Obama Administration written January 22, 2009 that we as advocates for Darfur can put forth through daily actions: * Appoint the President’s Special Envoy who will own this issue so that individual can begin working as rapidly as possible, and clearly establish the mandate, role and […]

Day 2: March 25 Take Action

Actions Day 2

We need to be loud and consistent with our voices for Darfur. Wake Up, Brush Your Teeth, Call Your Leaders provides consistency if we all pledge to contact our leaders at least once a day. Today, take your consistency a step beyond. The ENOUGH Project has put forth the policies the Obama Administration should take […]

Day 1: March 24

We Will Not Accept Genocide in Darfur

Why is that we as humanity are so much more comfortable recognizing and commemorating past genocides, than acting to stop one while it is happening? Why do we look away when we can effect change? I revisit these questions almost everyday. There isn’t an end answer, but sometimes it leads to more imaginative ways to […]