Day 2: March 25 Take Action

Actions Day 2

We need to be loud and consistent with our voices for Darfur. Wake Up, Brush Your Teeth, Call Your Leaders provides consistency if we all pledge to contact our leaders at least once a day. Today, take your consistency a step beyond. The ENOUGH Project has put forth the policies the Obama Administration should take for Darfur. Of five immediate recommendations, they have only appointed a Special Envoy, J. Scott Gration. The State Department has opened a public blog and asked us, the people, what we should happen in Darfur. Please post a personal message along with Enough Projects recommendations:

President Obama, The crisis in Darfur is dire. We need you to take swift action. Please discuss the following with Special Envoy Gration:

1. Support the ICC and the indictment of al-Bashir
2. Ensure the protection of the innocent civilians of Darfur and provide adequate support to the UNAMID Peacekeeping mission.
3. Work with other nations to create a road map for peace in Darfur and Sudan with multilateral pressure points and incentives.
4. Prepare a credible range of options for the use of military force to protect civilians and ensure the unobstructed delivery of humanitarian assistance.

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Since the U.S. State Dept. site does not allow for commenting, our remarks can be sent along with Enough Project’s recommendations in a free fax to President Obama at Fax #: 202 456 2461.

Hey guys, you looks like not getting my comment that sent yesterday, so tell me how is the Day3 and especially the refugees camp in general, i saw Gab is using some hand set and i think that will be ok for some security reason. tell about translation who is translating i think you don’t need Ali for sometime i believe. one thing is i missed the group.

So i’ll write on the other comment tomorrow.



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