Day 10: December 18

Fresh Eyes (Reasons #74-76)

This was my first visit to Goz Amer camp. It felt so different than any other camp. Each camp really has it’s own feel to it, just as each urban city in America or Europe does. We visited with the schools first snapping photos, greeting teachers, and getting our first chance to walk the camp. […]

SGN Blog

Desperation and Despair for People of Darfur

Here are some notes from our Darfuri friend (living in US), Mohamed Yahya, from information he has received from sources inside of Darfur: * In camps in Western Darfur such as Al- Geniena, Riyadh, Abuzaid, Kerdang and Dorti the refugee’s lives are in grave danger at this moment. Riyadh and Abuzaid were attacked by the […]

Issue 9: OUTRAGE!

Darfuri delegation from Arizona has arrived!

11:35 AM – Smiling, with open arms, and full of hellos, 15 Darfuri men flood the LA Federal Building. They drove from Phoenix, AZ to be here. All have families inside of Darfur. One man’s mother was forced to journey to Camp Djabal in E. Chad, where we will be in less than a week, […]

Before i-ACT

Going back to see friends.

13 January 2008 We just landed in Europe, after the first big jump, with a few more jumps ahead of us before we get to the refugee camps in Eastern Chad. Everything is so expensive here at the Paris airport! My diet-soda, one of my last ones before being diet-soda-less for three weeks in Chad, […]