Day 6: June 15, 2008

Scott’s journal

Another day, another day slightly stuck. Frustrating has become the word of the week, so I’ll try to refrain from using it here. And today, like basically everyday since we’ve been here, was up and down. We woke up pleasantly surprised that we were booked on a flight out to Goz Beida to finally get […]

i-ACT i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008 Reports from N'djamena

Fighting in Chad

The situation on the ground is getting worse. They are still in the capital, barred from leaving the hotel. The streets are empty, and the fighting is getting closer and closer. Read Google News for all the latest news stories from Chad. Katie-Jay was also interviewed by the BBC. Gabriel is still uploading reports from […]

Issue 2: Oct 2007

What are the REAL numbers for Darfur?

Each day I open my computer and the BBC news pops up as my home page. I respect the BBC because their news system is far more balanced and community-based than ours here in the States. Almost daily in the past week, BBC has posted a front page report about an attack on Darfur. The […]