i-ACT i-ACT 4: Jan 19 - 28, 2008 Reports from N'djamena

Fighting in Chad

The situation on the ground is getting worse. They are still in the capital, barred from leaving the hotel. The streets are empty, and the fighting is getting closer and closer. Read Google News for all the latest news stories from Chad. Katie-Jay was also interviewed by the BBC. Gabriel is still uploading reports from the ground, you can find them all here. Here’s the latest video from Gabriel:

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KTJ and Gabriel,
Your situation seems so surreal to me. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for you two being in the midst of it all. You both seem so calm. I hope you get to come home to your friends and family soon. I will be thinking of you and wishing nothing but the best.

Thank you so much for your postings. It’s a double edge sword getting the real details of the danger you have been in. But we are so grateful you are all alive and there is much behind the scenes work to get you home. We are grateful for Gab’s sisters and all the sharing of information about getting you home.

We love you! We continue to pray for you and envision our wonderful reunion.


Dear Gabriel and KTJ,

I am stunned and shocked by the situation your both facing right now.
Know that I am here, praying for your safety. From across the world I am sending all of my love, and hoping that with enough love you will make it home safe.

Dear Kati-Jay,

I am sending you my blessings & prayers for a safe return to the US. The students and staff at Ackerman are with you.

Hey guys!

Greetings from Ghana where we have just finished watching your video and learning more about the history of conflict in Chad and Sudan. We are hoping for peace too!

Katie, Scott, and Ali

I cant believe that the US is not doing anything about these issues, and i am happy to see that there are more people than i thought who are fighting for the people in Darfur, Thank you and i pray for you guys
Gabe Ramirez, San Jose, CA

i am truly glad that you are fighting to help those who are suffering in Sudan. i have a strong opinion that the US government should act immediately and try and help these less fortunate people in Darfur. totally appreciate you and all of your great deeds and hope that you continue to strive towards justice.

– Chris

How were you able to survive with no Interent?? Can you sue and at least get your hotel expense refunded?? I’m sure the US will get involved if you used a credit card just dispute the charges

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