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We had some few minutes of quiet, but now there is an all out assault somewhere close in the direction of the Palace.  There are so many reports, all unconfirmed, of one side winning and then the other; there’s also been a report that the French are evacuating the President, but, as I said, we just cannot know.   The artillery is going on heavy now, and we’re feeling the booms here in the hotel.  Nothing to do but wait it out. Again, thanks to everyone for your good thoughts and prayers.  We are staying low and as safe as possible.Talk soon!Paz,Gabriel 

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Hey Gabe,
We’re all here glued doing anything we can think of. Just lay low and hopefully help will come soon. Just spoke to the State Dept again and they said that they and the French are fully aware of your situation there and will assist as soon as it is possible for them to move.
Be in touch when possible but again, don’t take risks.

From Bloomberg:

France said it is preparing to evacuate foreigners from the capital of Chad, where government forces and rebels are fighting.

About 700 foreigners of various nationalities were gathered at three sites in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, under the protection of French military forces, the French Foreign Ministry said in an e-mailed statement from Paris today.

“Measures are being considered so that those who want to can leave N’Djamena starting this afternoon in well-secured conditions,” the Foreign Ministry said.

All the reports I’ve read in the last hour say that the rebels are in control of the city. One report said that “only the mopping up is left”. Another report claimed that the rebels found the president in the Embassy, but did not elaborate beyond that.

In case nobody has said it……be safe!


Gabe and team, we’re still here with you all the way, as long as you are there waiting. KTJ’s interview on BBC brought me chills. Thanks for bravely posting from your holdout, but please do so only if it’s safe to do so. No more risk is needed . . . your safety is paramount.

{{{{G, K, J, & J}}}}

Lisa and family
San Antonio

I’m watching the CNN Breaking News, hoping they’ll say something good. So far, I’ve gotten more out of your posts than out of the TV reports. I feel like going to the BBC tower (we once camped right next to it, in London) and shaking it to get more news. Your stories are much more detailed than any of the other sources. It’s like I’m right in the hotel, feeling the floor shaking from the bombing. Stay safe!


Hang in there guys. We are all praying for you and can’t wait to see you and hear the story first hand. We love you!!!

Gabe and KTJ,

Amazing footage, it must frightening at times to hear the heavy artillery and bombing going on. We are all wishing you safety here in Texas, as we wish safety to the dear people of Chad and all the refugees. Things certainly do become more personal when you have friends whose lives are in danger. Thank you for sharing this footage with us and on maintaining your poise.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you when you return.

God Bless You all,

Caesar Ricci

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