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From Gabriel

We go through some quiet minutes, and it feels close to normal, but then, consistently, we get big bangs and non-stop gunfire that brings us back to the reality of N’Djamena. As I write this, a shell hit way too close to us, the kind of bang you feel on your skin.

I start to think, “How long can they keep it up?” Then I think of other war situations around the world, and I know they can keep it up for a long time. The city is taking some heavy hits, and I wonder how the citizens of N’Djamena are feeling and how many are paying for these power struggles.

There is now shooting right outside of the hotel, it feels like it’s coming from the gate, but I’m staying down and not looking out for now.

We still have French military personnel in and around the hotel.

It is clear that the rebels are not here to make a point but to take over power.

We’ll stay put, since there are no other options, and it still feels like this hotel is relatively safe, although a little close to the action.

Thanks for all the notes of support and caring.


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Just read that the US and the French have stopped evacuating citizens from the city. You and KT and the team are in my prayers and heart. I hope that the next time you write it is from a plane.
Please take care of yourself as best as you can.

Hang tight guys, and hope the situation improves soon enough for you and all the citizens of the city. Take care and be as safe as possible.


We are with you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of those affected by the fighting. We’ll have prayers said for your safety and those in the camps and in Chad.


I am a friend of Jeremiah Forest family and I am on the phone with his mother as I write this and she is wondering how her son is doing as well as everyone else. Please let us know what is going on.

Our prayers for safety are with you and wish you a quick return.

Thank you

Robert Skinner

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