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The World has Sudan Fatigue

The world is allowing Bashir to continue bombing with antanovs. Nuba are hiding in caves and an entire population is on the brink of starvation.

Nicholas Kristof’s poignant reporting from Nuba Mountains has brought tears to my eyes once again. As I sit in a cafe, answering emails and encouraging participation in Act for Sudan’s April National Days of Action, I worry that it is all only preaching to the choir.

As Kritof mentions in the following video, “The world has Sudan fatigue.”

As March and April roll around, our exhibit Camp Darfur begins to travel across California and into Arizona. Leaders who have previously hosted genocide awareness and prevention month events will once again try to reach out to their communities and build support to stop the violence in Sudan, and around the world.

As we work hard to reach new people and empower them to act on behalf of those who are hiding in the caves of Nuba Mountains and living less then dignified lives in refugee camps, Bashir and his cronies continue with business as usual.

We must do more to stop the violence. We must work harder to take action for Sudan. Right now we are in the second phase of Act for Sudan’s They Can’t Wait campaign. Please use the power of social media to dominate the State Departments Facebook page for the fifth day in a row. If you don’t have a Facebook or twitter account, you can send her a message here.

Stay tuned for more actions, more updates, and more ways to reach out to your own community in the coming days and months. If we do not provide both protection and humanitarian aid, then so many more will perish.

best, KTJ

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