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Message from Darfuri refugee about repopulation of their lands

Hello Mr Gabriel,

How are you?  I want to give you new information about situation in Darfur and especially in Darmassaleet.  Nowadays Khartoum regime brought many Arabic tribes from some Africans countries like Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Kameroon, and Central Africa to Darfur and DarMassaleet so as to be new residents or settlers. Now they have inhabitant in the villages of people who now they are living at camps of displaces and refugees, so I think that this is abig oppression facing the Darfuran people. By this process the government want remove all African tribes from their land so as to inhabitant Arabic tribes beside Darfur problem there are fighting in Nuba mountains and may be new war in Blue Nile, so we hope that the international community concern to Sudan.

Thanks, your friend (name withheld).

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