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Help us raise $1,000 for iOnGround: Darfur Refugee Journalism by on-the-ground refugee contributors. Their lives, through their eyes.

Update: Thanks to you, we reached our goal of $1,000! Check out what the refugees film and photograph during i-ACT’s Expedition #9!

This coming December, our i-ACT team will be returning to the Darfuri refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border. Help us expand and enrich the mission by creating a space for direct reporting by refugees. We are bringing several digital and flip video cameras to give out to teams of refugee reporters (mostly youth). Through their eyes, we will learn about their lives. We will collect the information on the cameras, and upload it through satellite for you and the world to view and respond to, on a same-day basis. If you have questions or want to see more about something documented by one of the Darfuri journalist, we will follow-up. At the end of the trip, we will leave the cameras, so they can continue reporting and sending us media. This is the first step in making iOnGround a reality, and we need your help!

What will your donation fund?

Abalhakim self portrait.jpg
$20 – Rechargeable Battery Packs (hoping to purchase 5)
$30 – Digital Cameras (8 cameras is our goal)
$35 – Portable Video Cameras (8 of these too!)
$100 – Flip Cameras (Ideally, 2 of these more powerful cameras)
$250 – Satellite usage for initial reporting

Help us reach $1000 by December 1st!

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photo: Abalhakim’s self portrait, June 2009

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