i-ACT 9: Dec 2010

Why Darfur: A Refugee Town Hall Meeting

What: A Live Webcast of Darfur Refugee Town Hall Meeting
When: Sunday, December 12th, 2010 — 10-11am Eastern, 7-8am Pacific (4pm Chad-time)
Where: From a refugee camp close to the Chad-Darfur border. See live webcast at:

Didn’t we take care of Darfur years ago? Isn’t it more important to deal with the North-South conflict, only a month away from the referendum? Why Darfur, again? Why Darfur, now?

Who better to answer these questions than Darfuris themselves!

Join i-ACT in a live conversation with Darfuri refugees from a refugee camp in eastern Chad. Participate in the meeting by sending questions through Twitter, Facebook, and the comment box. See and hear the people that are directly affected by war in their country, as they discuss their struggles and challenges, their hopes and dreams. They have now lived as refugees for over seven years, and the violence and destruction continues in their lands.

time_is_now_for_sudan.jpgJoin the Week of Action for Sudan:

The countdown to the referenda in Sudan continues, with just a little over one month remaining. As part of the Sudan Now campaign, the Stop Genocide Now is encouraging activists to take part in the Week of Action for Sudan, December 5-12, to show your support for a peaceful outcome, including free and fair referenda for both South Sudan and Abyei. You can host your own event (we even have grants available), join an exisiting event, and/or participate in our online town hall with Darfuri refugees.

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