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ICC Announces Arrest Warrant against Sudan’s President al-Bashir

Over and Over again in the refugee camps we heard from Darfuris that justice is above everyone and that any deferral in the name of a peace would only give Sudan’s President al-Bashir more time to kill.

Listen to the victims speak themselves in our recent video, share their words. Add it to your socail network page, twitter it, add it to your blog. No longer can we ignore the voices of those who have been persecuted.

The beginning of justice in Sudan started today.

In an unprecedented move, the International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir. The first time ever that a sitting head of state has been indicted.

For months leading up to today Omar al-Bashir threatened that he would not be able to protect humanitarian aid workers if the ICC ruled against him. He also said the warrant is not worth the ink and paper with which it is written. A member of his government takes it a step further and threatens, “we will cut his hands, head, and parts,” of any assisting the ICC.

And so it begins, an even slower genocide for Amira and Mohamed, for the children whose Darfur memories are burning homes, blood, and violent militia.

Charges against al-Bashir include:

  1. five counts of crimes against humanity: murder; extermination, forcible transfer, torture, and rape;
  2. two counts of war crimes: intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities, and pillaging.

We have the responsibility to protect these civilians. They are our brothers and sisters. President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Vice President Biden, and UN Ambassador Rice have all agreed in past comments that a no fly-zone may be a good option. Will they take action? Not without us. Please take action NOW.

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