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Breaking News: ICC Judges Approve Warrant for al-Bashir

In the last few days, news of the possible arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC) has surfaced. New York Times reported the breaking news on February 11, 2009 late in the day. It will be the first time the ICC will issue a warrant for a sitting head of state.

The ICC quickly added a note to their own website stating that there had been “no decision concerning the possible arrest warrant” of Sudan’s al-Bashir.

Darfur activist groups have moved forward using the breaking news from NYT has a sign that the ICC will issue a warrant soon. ENOUGH Project released a very good paper, What the Warrant Means: Justice, Peace, and Key Actors in Sudan, and urgent call-in campaigns reflect the decision in their wording.

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The “Obama For Darfur – Darfur for Obama – Yes We Can” video is so inspiring and certainly expresses the words of hope and faith the Darfurian refugees have placed on now President Obama. Now that the warrant for arrest for al-Bashir is in the headlines is there any way you can get some national news media to pick-up the video and show it and remind the President of his commitment to Darfur so it would pressure government to act.

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