Issue 8: March 2009 Take Action

Aid Agencies kicked out by Sudan’s War Criminal – Take ACTION

Hours after the ICC announced an arrest warrant for Sudan’s President al-Bashir, he and his administration distributed their own blows to the country. Ultimately, unless the International community acts, we are allowing Sudan to continue genocide of it’s non-arab population. Without aid workers, they don’t need the Janjaweed militia men riding in and raping, burning and killing, Darfuris will waste away in displacement camps – genocide by starvation and disease. Sudan has expelled 13 aid agencies thus far, leaving 4.7 million without aid, including:

CARE International
MSF-Holland (Doctors without Borders)
Mercy Corps
Save the Children Fund – UK
Save the Children Fund – US
Norwegian Refugee Council
International Rescue Committee
CHF International
Action Contre La Faim-France

Do you remember Ahmat, who met so many years ago in 2005? He may be in one of the many camps. He left Eastern Chad in search of an education because there was no secondary schools in the refugee camps. We haven’t heard from him since. He may be one of the millions that die without aid.


1. Please call the White House today (202 456 1111) or State Department (202 647 6575) and say “I want President Obama and his administration to ensure humanitarian aid is not cut off for Darfur and to appoint a high-level official with the necessary stature, authority and mandate to bring peace to Sudan and its people”

2. Sign IRC’s petition to UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon about aid agencies being kicked out.

3. Use your facebook profile, twitter account, myspace page or other social network to post info about Sudan. Swift action must be taken, millions of lives are at stake.

4. Fax the White House.

5. Text Secretary of State Clinton at 90822 – Tell her to do more for Darfur immediately.

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Two Week to the Darfur epidemic?

By Nicholas Kristof

A friend in an aid organization passed on to me these U.N. estimates of the impact of the expulsion of aid workers from Darfur: within a period of less than two weeks 1.1 million people will need food; within a period of less than two weeks 1.2 million people will need water; within a period of less than two weeks 1.5 million people will be without access to health services; within a period of less than two weeks 760,000 people will not have shelter at the beginning of the rainy season; within one week water supplies in most camps will not be operational; within two-three weeks, you may have a widespread diarrhoea epidemic in the camps due to the lack of water and services and potentially unrest in the camps; within one month you are likely to have a mass movement of people from camps without NGOs to camps with NGOs.

Pretty sobering.

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