Seeking Empathy - A One Month Refugee Diet Take Action

November Fast: Jeremiah’s Calorie-for-Calorie Month-long Fast Alongside Darfuri Refugees

For most in the United States, November is a month to give thanks. On Thanksgiving Day, we gather at our homes and enjoy great food and the company of loved ones. Refugees in and from Darfur have been deprived of a home; many of their loved ones have been killed; and they lack enough of the basics, such as food and water. In solidarity with all of the displaced from Darfur, SGN teammate Jeremiah Forest will participate on a month-long fast, matching his diet to the ones of refugees we have recently visited in the desert. Miah will write daily journals and regularly upload pictures and video, sharing his experience.

Join him for a day or more of his fast. He’ll let you know what he’s eating, which will be the same thing during the entire month! Please donate to improve nutrition in the camps:

Make checks out to: USA for UNHCR
On memo line, write: SGN – Nov Fast

Send to:
Stop Genocide Now
1732 Aviation Blvd. #138
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

100% of tax-deductible donation will go to UNHCR’s work to improve nutrition at Darfuri refugee camps.

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